Law of Attraction or Biblical Principle

With This Book You Will Learn How To:

  • Shape Your Future With The Power of Affirmative Prayer!
  • Get Unparalled Support from the God of the Universe...simply by Asking!
  • Write Your Own Vision and Live It Plainly!
  • Use A Proven Ancient Biblical Principle To Change Your Life Once & For Good!

FINALLY! The Truth Is Revealed!

What is the Law of Attraction? And How does this Universal Principle relate to the Holy Bible or Christianity? Does the Universe actually respond to our Prayers...and if so, How do we get "It" to respond? This power book will answer all these questions and more!

So, whether you discover that the Law of Attraction is actually supported by Biblical scriptures, or you come to the conclusion that the two are are completely different or one in the same:

You will greatly benefit from it's contents - because this book provides ancient techniques that you can apply in your life today!!

"If you believe that you've received what you asked for, then you don't keep asking for it." ~Cassandra Denise Crane


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