I AM Affirmation Guided Meditation:


Each morning ask yourself, "If I could Believe, Think or Feel - ONE - thing about myself Today, what would it be?" It is best to insert your answer, as a definite State of Being, making sure to keep it short and simple – (i.e. “I AM Blessed” ). 

For example, perhaps you want to ingrain that you are calm and confident for a meeting you are attending. If so, you could insert “calm and confident” [or] if you want to be more present and grateful for the day ahead, you could insert “present and grateful”. 

"I AM ______________________________________"

Awaken the Creative Power of your I AM voice and Rediscover Your Inner Source of Infinite Potential:  

Once you have chosen your "I AM" statement, simply listen to the 4-minute audio, and repeat your personalized statement after every "I AM" prompt you hear. You can say it inside your own mind or say it aloud: 

I AM ________

I Believe I AM________

I Feel I AM________

I Know I AM________

I Trust (that) I AM________

I See (that) I AM________

I Choose (that) I AM________

I Say I AM________

I Breath (in that) I AM________

I Walk Knowing I AM_________

I Talk Knowing (that) I AM________

I Sense Deep Within Myself That I AM________

I Create I AM________

I Live I AM________

I Embody I AM________

I AM________

I AM________

I AM_______

With Daily Use and Practice of this Guided Meditation - You WILL Activate:

• The miraculous healing and transformational power of the Sacred Truth of You

• The Secrets of Divine Reality and Authentic Manifestation 

• An inner I AM Presence that WILL Transform ANY Limitation into a new Desired Reality

• Your Greatest Vibrational Frequency to INSTANTLY shift into Divine alignment

Your Personalized I AM Affirmation Guided Meditation includes:

  • Audio Download of the above Guided Meditation session
  • (PDF) of this Guided Meditation to follow along with

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