How To Use the Moses Code Meditation

Powerful 432 HZ Meditation, that gives Real and Lasting Results! 

Most of us do not pay attention to the simple words “ I AM”. We use it every day to express ourselves. Most often with "negative" consequences. What I AM about to show you is a way to use this to create change in your life that you can control.

This exciting CD that I purchased is called the:  I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation. This meditation combines Germatia with the name of God that was given to Moses: I AM THAT I AM - to create a binaural frequency. The frequency and sounds are amazing and help induce a deep meditative state.

Initially, I only meditated with music alone; and even then I had a unique experience. My hands and heart chakra began to pulse with energy. I'm somewhat familiar with the workings of Reiki - and the flow energy that it brings, but the  I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation - actually supercharged my energy!

I then added the, "I AM THAT I AM" mantra and - discovered that when combined with this meditation -- that my manifestations occurred at the speed of light! 

This is How I use the Most Powerful Meditation Tool in the World:

  • First, I find a quiet and comfortable space for meditating and begin playing the meditation tracks. I also, use headphones, but whatever works for you.
  • Secondly, I breathe in...and then mentally say “I AM”.
  • Next, I breathe out and mentally say “I AM ______”, (whatever I wish to manifest that day)...and again, fill in the blank with the change that YOU desire; and YOU can do so mentally or's all up to You! 
  • Last, (but not least) I usually add yet another component to this already powerful meditation. The first three steps provide the intention and focus (which I like to think of as the vehicle). Adding the fourth element is really what fuels and drives home that vehicle. To find out - what this fourth ingredient is, I highly recommend that you download any book of my eBook series: The Authentic Art of that you too can fuel your own meditation!

...anyway, I then continue this cycle of, breathing in and out - while repeating the I AM Affirmation throughout the duration of the track. This helps me, during the meditation. 

Download the complete version of this powerful meditation...Give it a try absolutely FREE!! Do this meditation once or twice a day for as long as you like. No strings attached - this is my gift to you!! Don't just take my word for it - discover for yourself, the lasting changes that you WILL create in your life!! Just fill out the form - it's really that simple. 


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